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Fall Home Buying & Selling Tips

Fall Home Buying & Selling Tips

Fall is here.  You can feel it in the air and see it in the trees.  Typically, at this time of year, the real estate market is starting to slow, but not this year!  We are coming off of a record summer for home sales in HRM and it hasn’t showed any signs of slowing yet.

However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take certain precautions to ready your property for a quick and profitable sale this fall!

Here are BlueList Realty’s top 10 Tips for a Fall Sale:

  1. Clean up your yard!  
    Let potential buyers see the true potential of your property by ensuring all fallen leaves are raked, bagged and cleared. Clean up any fallen branches and leaves and ensure your bushes and landscaping is trimmed nicely and neatly!
  2. Spruce up your entry way.  
    Fall flowers are among some of the nicest colour palettes out there.  You can easily spruce up a front porch or walkway with a few fall urns.  Side note– Right now at Costco they have amazing flower urns for only $12.99…RUN, don’t walk before they’re all gone!
  3. Window Washing!  
    Fall is the time that dirty windows show the most!  With various mold, rain and wind debris, your windows can be left looking look dull and spotty.  Make sure to do a full window clean, inside and out (that means taking those screens out and really getting in there) to ensure your home is sparkling for those potential buyers.
  4. Filter Fuzz.  
    Autumn is the ultimate time to change out those furnace filters and clean out the heat pump to ensure your air quality is tip top.
  5. Fall Smells are the BEST smells.  
    If you’re a baker, perhaps consider baking a few apple or pumpkin pies before a showing.  Not a baker?  Try placing a few cinnamon sticks in a vase in the kitchen, or brewing a pot of pumpkin flavoured coffee before a showing, that way, you also get an awesome coffee to take with you.  Cozy fall smells will help potential buyers envision themselves tucked away in their new home.  
  6. Fall colours.  
    Consider adding a few fall accent colours to your décor.  That doesn’t necessarily mean painting walls, but perhaps a few throw pillows here and there or a fall-inspired quilt or throw on the back of a chair to create that cozy and inviting atmosphere could be just the trick.  Less is more when it comes to seasonal décor.  
  7. Lights, lights, lights!  
    In the summer months, leaving lights on for showings isn’t usually an issue given the long day light hours.  However, in the fall, it could be dull and gloomy in the middle of the afternoon!  Make sure to keep all of your lights on, open up the blinds and even consider leaving closet and appliance lights on as well, it all helps!  While you’re at it, check all of your light bulbs to make sure they’re all up to date and working!
  8. Photo books!  
    Keeping photos around for showings that showcase your home during the summer months, is a great visual tool for potential buyers!  Fall can have a negative effect on many summer blooming bushes and flowering plants, having photos available for potential buyers when your lawn and landscaping are in full bloom will allow them to fill in those blanks!
  9. HEAT it up!
    There is nothing worse than viewing a freezing home on a chilly day!  Even if you’re not ready to have your heat on full time, make sure the house is warm when you have people coming to view it.  Creating a comfortable atmosphere is key!
  10. Make your listing STAND OUT!  
    Be sure to take photos on a bright and sunny fall day so you can take advantage of the colours and warmth of the season. Typically, there during the fall months, there is a little less competition on the market, but that isn’t a guarantee, so make sure your listing stands out from the rest.

As a buyer, the Fall is a great time to be house shopping!

Coming off of the summer rush means there is less on the market and therefore more flexible pricing, although this will vary by year and market!  What doesn’t typically vary though are the sales for home décor.  The fall is a great time to be buying furniture and other home accessories as stores capitalize on back to school and start to gear up for the holidays!  Speaking of which, if you buy a home in the fall, you’ll be in our home for the Holidays!

All in all, the fall is a great time to list or buy, if you have questions about listing your home or looking to buy a new home this fall, get in touch with one of our qualified agents, we’d be more than happy to work with you!

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