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Declutter your home with help from 1-888-JunkBin Halifax

Declutter your home with help from 1-888-JunkBin Halifax

“You never get a second chance at a first impression.”

We’ve all heard this expression before. And now, while you are preparing your house to sell, it shouldn’t be far from your mind. When it comes to getting your house ready to show, less is more. Clutter can make a space look smaller than it actually is and messy and take away the Buyers focus from looking at the home to looking at all of the stuff! Potential home buyers might worry there may not be enough room for their belongings if your house is overflowing with stuff.

Take the time to go through each room in your home and remove unnecessary objects and furniture. Buyers are curious and virtually no area of your home is off limits, therefore it’s important to make sure every inch of it is presentable. Keep surfaces empty, organize all closets, and clear out the “junk drawer.” Sell the excess to make some extra money, donate it to a homeless shelter, rent a storage space or rent a junk bin. Try to walk through each room and view it as if you are the potential Buyer and visualize what they would see.

Companies like 1-888-JunkBin Halifax can help you with this process as they offer 2 services, Full Service Junk Removal and Self Service Junk Bin Rentals. They will gently load all of your unwanted furniture and other items and try to donate or recycle at least 60% of the items. In some cases, they have been able to donate or recycle over 90% of the items. They also offer Self Service Junk Bin Rental, where you can rent a Junk Bin in and have up to 7 days or longer to take your time sorting through the items, while not feeling rushed.

For more info about 1-888-JunkBin Halifax, please click on the link below:

1-888-JunkBin Halifax

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